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3 years ago

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What is The Singer 2932?

The Singer 2932 Sewing Machine, with its convenient and super easy features, is truly a sewer’s dream, and is a cinch to use! This mechanical sewing machine makes for a breezy and fun needle working experience with all the great characteristics that are essential in a high quality sewing machine and more. It comes equipped with thirty five stitch patterns!

Singer 2932There is a great variety of your basic, fundamental stitch patterns, as well as an array of beautiful and creative decorative stitch patterns. It also features stretch stitch patterns for your stretch seams and stretch fabrics or decorative embellishments. This machine also includes a button hole pattern that is fully automatic and achieved in just one simple step.

As opposed to the four step manual button hole in some other machines, it really makes for a much easier experience. The machine is effortless to thread with an automatic needle threader, you will never have to manually guide your thread through those tiny holes again. It comes with an extension table that is removed easily and your bobbin can be inserted.

It also comes with automatic tension, which allows you to simply leave your tension control on one setting for almost all your sewing. The auto setting can be used for light, medium, and heavy weight fabric. The removable extension table allows for free arm motion making it easy to sew hard to reach areas. The extension table also acts as a storage area for your machine’s accessories. The reverse lever, conveniently placed on the front of the machine, is used to bind the beginning and end of seams.

The pattern selector dial on the side of the machine is used to select different stitch patterns. It rotates through each stitch pattern, which are identified by letters and listed on the front of the machine. The basic and decorative stitch patterns are black in color and the stretch stitch patterns are red in color for easy identification.

The pattern selector dial of your Singer 2932 also has a special button hole stitch option. As you rotate through patterns using the dial, your stitch selection is shown through a small window which is also on the front of the machine. After selecting your stitch pattern, this machine offers the added bonus of being able to choose the width and length of your stitch.

These are adjusted by using the two dials on the top of your machine – one for width and one for length. One of the most special features of the Singer 2932 is the drop feed feature. This aspect is most prominent because it enables free motion sewing, which is vital for quilters.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

Now you know everything about the Singer 2932, but you may still be wondering “Why should I choose this product over other sewing machines?”. Here are a few good reasons. This machine is perfect for beginners. Why? Because it is one of the simplest to use compared to other sewing machines. Everything about the Singer 2932 is fast and easy, from the built in automatic needle threader to the easy to use dials for stitch pattern adjusting.

It is in the like of the classic mechanical sewing machine your mother used with perfected convenience and many added features that make it more versatile and allows more creativity than the sewing machine at your mom’s house. It holds the Singer brand reputation, so you know it is of impeccable superiority and holds the mark of quality.

If you purchase this machine, you will be granted freedom of endless creativity basically at the touch of a button. With this machine you are given the ability to perfect each stitch from the design to the size, so every detail is in YOUR hands. This machine is specially fashioned to allow you to indulge your every creative whim with no hassle and maximum easiness, there really are no limits.

This machine is light weight, just an added plus as it is no sweat to move. It also comes equipped with a limited twenty five year warranty, also an added bonus. It is able to handle any challenge, from light fabrics such as T-shirts or heavy materials such as cloth diapers.

Customers have testified, there is nothing you can’t do! And with the most ease, it truly rises above and sets the bar high for other brands. Of course it has all the necessities you would expect from every sewing machine, but it is very much set apart with its special characteristics.

The automatic needle threader – sewing’s best time saver – and the drop feed feature, which is a quilter’s dream, this machine is absolutely a must have. No hassles and a cinch to use with all the creative abilities you could want to boot.


Here are some key pros of the Singer 2932:

  • Zero hassle with simplistic features and easy usage
  • Endless creativity with stitch perfecting adjustment dials that make for optimum customization and intricate detail
  • Ultimate freedom for the user with the added drop feed feature
  • The Singer brand’s mark of quality
  • Effortless and fun sewing experience
  • Ability to perfect each and every detail with ease

Customer Reviews

Still not convinced? Here are some customer testimonies:

“I sew with increasing regularity and I just love this machine. It has handled everything that I have thrown at it from simple projects like skirts and PJs, to more complicated things like cloth diapers and multilayered ring slings…” from

“Just the other day I was talking to my friend about the SINGER 2932 Sewing Machine. It sounded so good I had to buy it! Now I have one and very glad with the quality of the SINGER 2932 Sewing Machine I purchased. SINGER 2932 Sewing Machine is the best money can buy and the best technology to date! If you have been debating on if you should purchase SINGER 2932 Sewing Machine or not, I am here to tell you now that you absolutely should!…” from

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Think this machine is the right choice for you? Don’t hesitate any longer, if you have been searching the RIGHT sewing machine, go and get one today. If you are struggling with a sewing machine that is just not up to your standards and need an upgrade, or are just seeking out your first machine, this is your best choice. This machine offers everything you could possibly want, so buy yours today.