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3 years ago

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What is the Juki HZL-35Z?

This Juki brand machine will let you sew and quilt to your heart’s content. The Juki HZL-35Z is a sewing machine that also lets you quilt with a drop down feeder. With a machine that is lightweight, it can sew 27 different stitches in a given sewing session. With this factor involved, sewing a quilt can be done with ease.

Juki HZL-35ZJuki’s home sewing machine incorporates the highest quality of manufacturing technology into their sewing machines. This machine is simple to operate with easy to use buttons and sewing functions and to keep it protected there is a hard covering that comes with the machine. This machine sews 27 quality patterns of stitches and has a one-step easy to use buttonhole creator.

The Juki product has many features and parts involved to help you create your successful sewing projects. This machine gives you a wide variety of features to choose from . The carrying handle and the lightweight construction make this machine easy to carry anywhere you choose to do your sewing.

The Juki sewing machine is an amazingly packed sewing machine that comes with an affordable price attached to it. It weighs 16 pounds and is one of the easiest transportable machines. Juki is known for manufacturing the types of sewing machines that will satisfy your needs and will last for years to come. This is a model that has a 2 year warranty attached to the price that helps to bring about lasting use.

Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Juki sewing machine is packed with so many sewing needs that you can quilt and sew with such ease. The one-step buttonhole function will make buttons quicker than before. This machine has incorporated so many easy to use functions that it makes creation after design such a breath of fresh air. The Juki sewing machine even comes with a wide sewing tables which helps sew together cuff’s and sleeves while helping with the creation of a quilt.

The Juki machine saves time with all of its 27 patterns of stiches ,which includes the one-step buttonhole stich. You can do many designs with each of these stiches and create your own personal touch to each clothing accessory or your own personal touch to a quilt. The specifications for the stitches are: length is a maximum of 4mm and the zigzag width has a maximum of 6.5mm. This helps in lengthening the needed stitches. The 7 feed dogs will also help you sew smoothly and easily.

The Juki HZL-35Z sewing machine lets you sew multiple inlays of fabric. With just a push of the button on the button hole foot will lock the foot in place and you will be able to sew several layers at a time. For free motion quilting all you would need to do is lower the feed dogs.


Juki HZL-35Z Pros

Here are a list of pros associated with the Juki HZL-35Z sewing machine.

  • Smooth even quality stitches
  • Reliable and sturdy – holds up well
  • Hard cover case included
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Nice assortment of utility, stretch and satin stitches
  • Superior feed dog system for fabric control
  • Easy, jam resistant bobbin system
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Pressure regulator
  • Free motion quilting
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • Manual thread cutterAdjustable top thread tension
  • Top loading, drop in bobbin
  • Snap on pressure foot
  • Built in handle
  • Wide sewing table

Consumer Reviews

Here are two consumer reviews for the Juki HZL-35Z product.

“I am a beginner – the last time I sewed was in home economics class more than 20 years ago – yet this machine is extremely easy to use. The machine itself has good illustrations embossed on it, which direction the thread goes, that kind of important stuff. No need to pull the manual out all the time. This machine is much, much easier than I remember machine sewing being” from a consumer at

“I heard good things about the Juki brand (they mostly make industrial machines) before purchasing, but was hesitant to buy a lower end model because of the shortage of online reviews. So far, it’s been a great little machine. I’ve made dresses, car seat covers, and baby carriers and it has handled them all nicely” from a consumer at

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If after reading the review and you still want the Juki HZL-35Z product, then I suggest purchasing the Juki product for your home. This product has everything you could want and need for sewing. It comes with a table arm for those needed sleeves and cuffs. It takes just a few minutes to decide on an option to choose and for the most part the Juki is the best solution especially if you are a beginner or even a pro returning to the sewing market.


There are good reviews about this Juki product that it would astound you just to use this item in your home. The items that you get with this product are amazing so that you can sew to your heart’s desire. It is these items that will help you in creating and designing the clothes and quilts for your family. This Juki product will be the machine that promotes your dreamy clothes and quilts to your friends and family.

Having this machine in your home only takes a few steps. It would take just a few clicks of the mouse to go to your favorite online department store that has the Juki HZL-35Z product in stock. Or, load up the car and do some heavy shopping at your favorite department store that has this product on their floors.

If you are looking for a portable sewing machine that can do quilts, then the Juki HZL-35Z product is the product you are looking for.